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Case Study

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Case Study 1

Driving Value Returns Through Replicating Tried and True Business Model

  • Acquired significant stake in live video entertainment company and its assets at USD30m valuation in 2016

  • Guided management to drive topline growth from USD2m/yr to USD300m/yr in 4 years, highly profitable company

  • Value added to company by driving USD200m+ in venture and private equity capital fundraise for company’s rapid scaling, from blue chip investors

  • Company received full cash buyout offer from strategic at massive return for investors in 2021

Case Study 2

Driving Massive Upside Through Bolt-on Strategy and Multiples Arbitrage with Equity Repackaging

  • Acquired 100% podcast company for USD 1.5m in 2021

  • Acquired 100% of audio social company for USD 3m in 2021

  • Merged both companies together in 2021, put in place strong management team and structured growth incentives

  • Worked with management to turn company around to achieve 4x topline growth and turned company profitable, driving annual USD 4.5m EBITDA in under 18 months

  • Sold secondary at >10x valuation within 12 months of acquisition

  • Domestic listing in next 6 months, target 20x return at time of listing

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Case Study 3

Case study 3.jpg

Scaling Returns through Cost Structure Optimization and Margin Expansion

  • Acquired 100% of global manufacturing facility and brand in 2021 for USD 60m

  • Raised debt and vendor financing, combined with 5% equity

  • Worked with management to revamp cost structure and global business development team organization

  • Drove management to scale revenues by +70% in 12 months, raised bottom line by 400%

  • USD 130m annual revenue in 2022, and USD 16m net profit

  • Expect to raise primary capital at 3x valuation within 24 months of acquisition

  • Guiding management in its expansion through organic ecommerce platform building and acquisition of additional manufacturing facilities

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