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Top live-streaming platform in APAC

17LIVE Group is the #1 live streaming platform in Northeast Asia, with over US$400 million in annual revenues. Revenue comes from virtual gifting and subscription services on its live streaming apps 17LIVE, MeMe, and Wave, as well as ecommerce services through its ecommerce platform HandsUP.

Total cash invested: $3.5M 

Entry Valuation: $30M
Last Round Valuation: $394.5M
Ownership: 9%
Last Round NAV: $37M



State-of-the-art crypto and blockchain technologies and solutions

Coinomo operates as a blockchain firm. Coinomo offers OMO finance, a platform that serves as a higher-order product, catering to more seasoned crypto investors, to join and enjoy the raging waves of the crypto movement on the main street. 

Total cash invested : $6M (Founded)
Ownership: 100%
Last Round Valuation: $20M

Next Apple

Largest traditional Chinese independent media company

NextApple is the largest independent news media platform in Taiwan. The company was founded in September 2021, when it hired the entire news team from Apple Daily Taiwan. The platform generates revenue from advertising, casual games, and ecommerce services.

Total cash invested : $4M (Founded)
Ownership: 100%
Last Round Valuation: $60M

壹蘋logo for web.jpg


Leading Chinese native podcast platform
SoundOn Group operates media and social platforms catering to students and young professionals in their 20’s. The Group operates the award winning audio streaming (podcast) platform SoundOn, as well as audio focused social platform Goodnight. 

Total cash invested : $4.5M
Cash returned: $8.4 million including $3.7M dividends received and $4.7M minority share sale

Entry Valuation: $4.5M
Last Round Valuation: $55M
Ownership: 83%
Last Round NAV: $46M


World-class luxury furniture brand

Theodore Alexander (TA) is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, exquisite design and timeless appeal. In addition to manufacturing and wholesale distribution of its TA branded collections, TA provides OEM services to the top luxury furniture brands in the US and is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Ralph Lauren Furniture collection.

Total cash invested : $16M, net of debt
Cash returned: $8 million through dividends, net of interest payment


Entry Valuation: $60M
Ownership: 100%
Last Round Valuation: $136M

TheodoreAlexanderH LOGO.png
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